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Meet the TripCase Crew

  • Caroline McGinn
    Director of Traveler Happiness
  • Harsh Verma
    Release Manager
  • Tri Noensie
    Frontend Developer
  • Lorenzo Harris
    Sr. Market Specialist
  • Hannah Gunzelman
    Sales and Account Manager
  • Ramji Balasubramanian
    Program Director
  • Emily Tate
    Product Manager
  • Danny Reid
    System Owner
  • Burin Asavesna
    Code Stylist / Mobile Lead
  • Brenda Crabtree
    Office Manager
  • Sean Moubry
    Sr. Developer
  • Tracy Edes
    Manager of Partner Success
  • Jorge Oyola
    Product Manager
  • Stewart Johnson
    Project Manager
  • Dustin Downing
    Sr. Product Manager
  • Nicolas Vigo
    QA Lead
  • Lindy Moore
    Sr. Business Analyst
  • Steven Jones
    Development Manager
  • Kristine Peacock
    Director, Corporate and Global Agency Sales
  • Will Pinnell
    Director, Sales & Marketing
  • Donalyn Stallings
    Product Manager
  • Muhammad Shamim
    Sr. SQA Engineer
  • Sanusha Shoukkathali
    Software Engineer
  • Troy Whitsett
    VP of UX and Design
  • Vance Weintraub
    Sr. Product Manager
  • Max Andreola
    Mobile Developer
  • Alan Johnson
    Business Analyst
  • Cindy Hogue
    Sr. Software Quality Engineer
  • Beata Kupiec
    Product Manager
  • Chris Sexton
    Business Development
  • Muntasir Muneer
    Sr. Ruby on Rails Engineer
  • Lauren Wolters
    Director, Sales and Account Management
  • Malkeet Saini
    Business Analyst
  • B.J. Allen
    Software Developer
  • Sarah Yu
    Graphic Designer
  • Laura-Jane Cunningham
    Jr. UX Designer
  • Rohit S. Gupta
    Director Software Development - TripCase UI
  • Natasha Sanchez
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Christopher Eberhardt
    Program Manager
  • Carrie Mamantov
    Brand Manager
  • Kenneth Tabor
    Product Engineer
  • Pablo Martinez
    Support Manager
  • Ben Newell
    Director Product Management
  • Yolanda Ladia
    Product Manager
  • John Samuel
    Sr. VP of Traveler Solutions