TripCase is a product of Sabre, a technology company that leads the travel industry. As such, we understand how all the pieces of a trip come together. Many times organizing reservations from an airline, hotel, or travel agency can be complicated – we get it! Over the years, we’ve looked to make this experience as convenient as possible.


2009: TripCase makes its debut on iOS and Android app stores.
2012: Sabre makes the traveler experience more seamless than ever by magically connecting TripCase to millions of travel reservations made across the world.
2012: TripCase takes on a new design and style.
2014: Trip notifications expand to smartwatches as TripCase begins to integrate with wearables.
2014: Travelers are given the ability to instantly get a ride with Uber from within the TripCase app.
2015: TripCase becomes one of the first travel apps on the Apple Watch


From day one, our goal has been to give travelers a simple way to manage everything they need, whenever, and wherever needed. It’s an idea that continues to serve you (and us) well!


We are a crew of technology enthusiasts with deep roots in mobile and travel. We are passionate about connecting travelers and travel companies through powerful tools & messages.


Technology has forever changed a travelers’ expectations, and it’s our job to constantly anticipate what’s next. Travelers can’t know it all, but they CAN expect to find a simple way to manage everything they need, and more, because…

  • Trips should be easy, and as social as the people who take them.
  • Trips should live long after the suitcase is unpacked.
  • Travel creates community and no matter how short the trip, the journey can change you.


Alex Skjong, Forbes Travel Guide
“What we love most about this convenient app, however, is its ability to automatically import information from your Google or Outlook calendars — perfect for business travelers looking
to simplify cluttered travel schedules.”
Travel Weekly 2012 Magellan Awards
“TripCase was awarded gold in the Promotional Video category. Check
out our award winning video.
The TripCase mobile app received a gold award in the Online Traveler Services — Trip Planning category.”
Rich DeMuro, NBC Los Angeles
“beautiful itineraries!” — Apps to Know on FOX 5 San Diego — Sporos, Tikr, Frog Orbs, iCoookbook & TripCase March 12, 2013



We work with both large and small technology and travel companies to bring more to the trip experience. Learn more.



Human trafficking is the second largest crime in the world. At TripCase we believe survivors of human trafficking deserve to begin a new journey and find their path to independence through education and job training. As a part of the Sabre family, we have joined the fight to offer survivors a passport to freedom. Learn more.