Electronic Pickpocketing: Are you at risk?

Electronic Pickpocketing is the 21st century version of a crime from the dawn of time.  In the past, a classic pickpocket might exercise sleight of hand or create a diversion to slip into the night with his victim’s credit card information.  Today, they can take the unsuspecting traveler on a ride by simply passing them […]

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Productivity Tips: Working Away From the Office

Working in the business world, you may find it necessary to work on the go. For some, you may find yourself more often in the air than on the ground. For others, it is more the exception than the norm. But the bottom line is when you are away from the office, you not only […]

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Translating TripCase – Serving Travelers Around The World

Almost a quarter of TripCase users are from countries where English is not the primary language. That’s all about to change as we expand our helpful travel management experience to travelers across the world.

Our award-winning website and mobile app*, TripCase, is now available in 9 languages: […]

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Business Dinner Etiquette That Impresses

Exceptional Business Dinner Etiquette Opens Doors

You are going on your first business trip to meet with an important client or prospective employer. You’ve managed to make it through the initial meeting with only mildly sweaty palms. Then, just when you thought you could loosen your tie and relax, you’re invited to dinner.

Your business dinner […]

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TripCase v4.02.0 Release Changelog

We’re excited to let you know that our latest v4.02.0 release is now available on iTunes and Google Play! The full v4.02.0 release changelog is available below.

TripCase v4.02.0 Release Changelog

Document Center – if you made a booking through a TripCase-affiliated airline or travel agent, you’re in luck! A new “Documents” link on the menu screen will give you quick […]

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Introducing: Document Center in TripCase

Many travelers tell us that one of their favorite parts of TripCase is that it keeps all of your travel information in one place, easily accessible. While this basically eliminates the need to shuffle through printed itineraries at the airport or hotel lobby, it’s still nice to be able to quickly and easily access those documents, […]

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Coming Soon: TripCase for Samsung Gear S2 Travel App

At TripCase, we believe that wearables such as smartwatches are going to be integral to the future of travel. We started working towards this in 2014 when we launched rich notification support for the Samsung’s first Tizen-powered smartwatch, the Gear S. At that time, we also told you we were working on a full app for Samsung’s Tizen […]

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Coming Soon: TripCase for Android Wear Travel App

We believe that wearables such as smartwatches are going to be integral to the future of travel. We started working towards this in 2014 when we launched enhanced notification support for Android Wear, Samsung, and Pebble smartwatches, and the response from travelers like you has been awesome. It didn’t stop there, though. We have been hard at work, […]

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Stay Fit on Your Trip: Best Exercise Gear for Traveling

Staying on top of your fitness game can be difficult if you frequently have to travel. Sure, most hotels have a fitness center, but they often times fall short. That squeaky treadmill and 10lb set of neoprene dumbbells just won’t cut it for most of us. If only you could pull a Rick Moranis and […]

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How to Choose a Phone for International Travel

There are no two ways about it – traveling internationally costs money. Outside of typical costs like airfare, hotel, and food, there is a potentially devastating bill lurking in the shadows:  Your smartphone.

Despite what the cheeky 20-somethings working at your mobile service provider sales counter may say, simply buying an unlocked or international phone isn’t enough to guarantee […]

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