In wrapping up 2013, we took a look at TripCase by the numbers. We’ve had a little fun digging into what our trip data says about TripCase travelers. But first, we look at just the month of December.

While many of our travelers think in dates, others about their location; this month we have seen something else stand out — the purpose of their trips, like “going home”, “family” and “Christmas”.

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Holiday Travel Word Cloud

Convenient on a global scale

Based on all 2013 trips, it looks like TripCasers are global citizens… flying on more than 300 airlines, including 2,829 different airports. Trip destinations tell us our travelers find having one place for their trips useful no matter the country. In fact, we have seen travelers access TripCase from 14,198 unique cities, representing 227 countries. And here are the top 10…

Top 10 Cities
1. New York
2. Chicago
3. Los Angeles
4. San Francisco
5. Toronto
6. Atlanta
7. Alexandria
8. Calgary
9. Sydney
10. Dallas