We’ve long supported the ability for you to add notes to specific items in your trip, and we see travelers use this for all sorts of interesting things. As of TripCase v4.5.2, we’ve made this feature available for all travelers, and while it’s still text-only, we do recognize URLs and email addresses, and make them clickable for you. Our team has been thinking about this feature quite a bit, so we wanted to share some of the top creative uses for the new notes field that we’ve come up with:

  1. Photo Folder/Album – before your trip, you could setup a shared album/folder on your favorite cloud/photo storage site, and add a link to that folder in your trip notes. As you snap photos throughout your trip, just put them in that folder and then enjoy easy access to them whenever you want to remember your trip.
  2. Email Meetups – if you’re planning your trip in advance, you could enter the email addresses of friends that you want to meet up with during your trip. This way, you’ll have quick access to these special contacts right when you need it.
  3. Related Articles – you could use this field to list out some interesting articles that you find online, maybe highlighting tips, news, history, or can’t-miss local sights.
  4. Shopaholic – this is a great place for you to list out things that you want to shop for that are local to the culture. Kilim rugs in Turkey, leather goods in Spain, etc.
  5. Babelfish – you could list out some local phrases and customs to remember for your trip.
  6. Important Numbers – your passport number, or any emergency phone numbers that didn’t fit on a specific trip item.
  7. Daily Journal – you can keep a daily journal of things that you did on your trip, right within TripCase.

That’s just a short list of things that we came up with. We would love to hear some of the creative uses that you find for the new trip-level notes field in TripCase!