One way we help you take better trips is by providing you with the right information at the right time throughout your trip. You know that TripCase sends notifications for flight cancellations, delays, and gate changes, but did you also know that TripCase provides you with in-app messages when you need them most?

Ever notice the messages below your trip details in the Action View? These are the recently redesigned Tripfeed messages. By their very nature, Tripfeed messages are designed to help guide you through your trip by proactively providing you with essential information.

1. Check-in with your airline.

We support check-in capabilities for most airlines. You’ll see a message in your Tripfeed when it’s time to check-in for your flight. By clicking on the message you’ll be directed to your carrier’s website to complete the check-in process.

2. Explore what’s around you

We recently released destination cards that are designed to encourage you to get out and see what’s nearby. Here you can use the Tripfeed to discover fun things to do in your destination.

3. Get special offers for local vendors

 We’ve partnered with vendors to provide you with special offers throughout your journey. You might see messages for discounted lounge access in the airport, deals on excursions, or even translation services if you’re traveling internationally.

4. View photos of your hotel

 You can check out your hotel room and amenities before you arrive by selecting the message on the hotel card.

5. Access your travel documents

If your travel agent is connected to TripCase your travel documents will be available from the Tripfeed before, during and after your trip for easy access.

Next time you travel, let the Tripfeed help you along the way. Let us know if there are other messages you’d like to see in the Tripfeed to guide you through your trip.