How To: Get Sleep On An Airplane

We’ve all been there – stuck on a red-eye flight home after a long series of meetings. If you’re a seasoned traveler, you already know that it’s entirely possible to actually sleep, even in coach seating. It’s not great sleep, but it’s possible, nonetheless. For those who don’t know, here’s a helpful series of […]

TripCase Integrates Uber API

We’re proud to announce that TripCase has integrated the new Uber API into our mobile travel management app. It makes sense, given that we help travelers around the world plan over two million trips per month. TripCase and Uber are perfect partners, since we’re both dedicated to providing travelers with extraordinary trip experiences.

TripCase and Uber
For travelers who […]

August Feature Release: Remember This Place

We don’t want to just make your experience while traveling great, we want to help you after you return home too. This is why we’re bringing you our new “Remember This Place” feature. Now with TripCase, you’ll not only know where you’re going, but you’ll remember where you’ve been. We’ve all found those […]

#TravelTips from TripCase: Kelly’s Tips

Through Sabre’s University Recruiting program, we get the opportunity to bring in college students for our summer internship program, to not only discover and develop future leaders, but to allow college students the chance to learn about the travel industry and how we help people get to where they’re going around the world. This […]

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Even though I’ve lived on four continents and visited over 30 countries, I have only started to travel the world. The more places I go to, the more people I meet and the more pictures I see, the longer and longer my travel bucket list grows. So as I started my internship here at […]

#TravelTips from TripCase: Hannah’s Tips

As we work to build an awesome app and service like TripCase, we inevitably end up traveling the world, meeting with developers, partners, and travelers along the way. With all of this traveling, we quickly learn tips and tricks that help us travel smarter. This new series, dubbed Travel Tips from TripCase, will make […]

4 Steps To Beating Jet Lag

When it comes to long overseas flights, even with the best airline, they can be a drag. Unfortunately you can’t do much to make the flights shorter, but you can do a few things to help beat that jet lag!

1. Relax
If you’re flying while it is daylight in your destination you may want to […]

Travel Arrangers: TripCase Is Your Wingman

Everyone needs a wingman: to support you, to remove obstacles, and to always have your back. Travel Arrangers, you are no exception. So let TripCase be your trusty wingman to help you out along the way.

We know that when you’re piloting your traveler’s trips you can hit some turbulence along the way: from schedule […]

Top Tourist Scams to Avoid This Summer

The summer travel season is a great time to visit new places, and “do the tourist thing”. However, it’s also a great time to get scammed, if you’re not careful. Around the globe, crafty criminals have come up with ways of tricking you out of your money, or in some cases, outright scamming you. […]

Five Must-Have Gadgets For Travelers

I’ve traveled around the world, attending conferences and events, capturing content and staying connected. Throughout those travels, I’ve had a chance to test countless gadgets and gizmos, to see how they perform ‘out in the field.’ I’ve also come to discover which gadgets I absolutely must have in my bag when I travel, and […]