You’re probably a pro at importing your flight, hotel and car information into TripCase. But what about that restaurant you’re taking your client to for lunch? Or the moonlight cruise you’re planning for your wife?

TripCase isn’t limited to standard travel itinerary items like flights and hotels. You can also add activities, attractions, cruises, ferry rides, restaurants, ground transportation, meetings and rail – it’s quite easy.

Let’s pretend you’re going to NYC for business at the end of March. You decide to extend the trip by a few days to see the sights and treat your wife to a little R&R in the Big Apple. You booked your airfare and hotel through your company’s corporate travel agency, which automatically imported your flight and lodging details into TripCase.

But what about that ferry ride you booked online to visit the Statue of Liberty? And the tickets to see Ricky Martin in Evita followed by the dinner reservations at that ultra trendy restaurant?

Well, simply open TripCase and tap on the “Add Item” option. You’ll see a list of item categories for events and activities you can add. You can add the trendy restaurant as a Restaurant, Evita as an Activity, the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty as a Ferry, and the Statue of Liberty as an Attraction.

Now, whenever you want to view your extra events, you’ll be able to find them with the rest of your itinerary within TripCase.