Ever stuck in an airport this time of year wandering around? Maybe you’ve even stumbled on some fun decorations. And then MAYBE you’ve wondered what other airports look like? We did. So we took to learning from the beautiful images travelers are sharing.

Travelers around the world are sharing photos of airports decked out for the holidays. And in particular, from what we can see, there are a few airports that really bring it with the decorations.

We’ve captured our own little version of a Top 5 list — based on airports in the photos we’ve seen via Instagram and Twitter. We’ve even created a Pinterest board to collect them all in one place.

airport decorations


Top 5 Airports based on photographed holiday decor
1. The most photographed, and definitely a cheerful sight, is at Chicago O’Hare #ORD.
2. All sparkly and bright, the tree at London Heathrow #LHR grabs attention.
3. Another amazing example of sparkle and light, is all crystal thanks to the famous Swarovski name at Hong Kong International airport #HKG.
4. For cleverness, Seattle-Tacomaa, #SeaTac, definitely takes the cake (or present in this case).
5. Singapore gets props for the truly most unusual displays, all with living greenery it looks like.

Seattle Airport Christmas DecorationHong Kong Airport Christmas Decoration

Notable mentions:

– Barcelona has several photos shared of a mod-style triangular tree.
– Los Angeles International airport is popular with photos due to its white picket fence and train. Lots of style on this tree.
– And it’s hard to say, but it looks like Munich #MUC, Orlando #MCO, and Philadelphia #PHL, might be competing for tallest tree.

But this is all speculation. If you’re there, and you can share — we’d love to hear what you think.