It’s a nightmare that most well-seasoned business travelers have faced far too often (cue scary music and lightning): THE CANCELED FLIGHT.

Picture the scene: It’s a dark and scary Halloween night. You arrive at the airport ahead of schedule and are enjoying a nice transatlantic game of Words with Friends with your old pal Freddie Kruger when suddenly you receive a message from TripCase. Your plane has been eaten by time-traveling zombies and your flight has been canceled. The horror!

Eerily enough, it doesn’t appear as if your fellow travelers are aware of the zombies or the canceled flight. But thanks to TripCase’s free real-time flight alerts, you received notice of the cancellation before anyone else on your flight, including the zombies! All of this means you are able to leap into action ahead of the unknowing travelers who do not yet know of the doom which surrounds them.

Alternate Flights App

After a split second of patting yourself on the back for being so on top of things with TripCase, you snap out of it and open TripCase on your mobile device, go to “My Trips” and then Tools. You then click on the alternate flights tool and select the flight you want to replace (flight 239 to Transylvania). Within seconds, TripCase’s alternate flights tool recommends several new flight options. You see there’s one that gets you into Transylvania at 3 o’clock – only an hour later than your original flight. That should work, and you’d still make your son’s soccer game at 6.

TripCase Alternate Flights

So, you click on the new flight, then the “call the airline” button and speak to a ticket agent. Within minutes you have your new flight arranged. As you start to walk to your new gate assignment you hear over the loud speaker, “flight 239 to Transylvania has been cancelled due to an invasion of traveling zombies.” As you pass your stunned fellow travelers, you offer up these words of wisdom: “Try TripCase next time – it takes the horror out of travel.”

Have you used TripCase’s alternate flights to overpower any particular travel horrors in your life?