You’re going to New York on Thursday and Cincinnati on Monday. You’ve got to keep up with flights, hotels, rental cars, appointments, expenses. The list is long. And that doesn’t even include unforeseeable stresses like flight delays and cancelations or gate changes.

Hopping around from destination to destination and worrying about all of the little things that go along with travel are enough to make even the Easter Bunny a little cranky.

According to legend, the Easter Bunny (or Spring Bunny as he’s sometimes called in the United States) brings baskets of colored eggs, candy and sometimes toys to the homes of children worldwide. The rabbit and his eggs are a celebration of new life and spring and coincide with the Easter holiday.

Given his global travel schedule, the Easter Bunny could definitely benefit from using TripCase. Life on the road is tough, and TripCase could help make things easier for the old rabbit.

That’s because TripCase is more than just another run-of-the-mill travel app. Sure, we provide critical flight alerts, weather delay updates, security notices and other valuable information (all free of charge, by the way). But we also monitor trip details, anticipate traveler needs and offer relevant advice and smart solutions whenever and wherever needed. It’s magic, sort of like the Easter Bunny.

TripCase always has your back while you’re on the road, helping you travel with confidence every hop of the way. We hope you’ll be a smart some-bunny and get TripCase today, so you can begin enjoying a spring full of stress-free travel.

What’s your favorite Easter candy? We love Peeps!