“Did you check us in? Do our Facebook friends know we’re sipping espresso at a cafe in Spain while they’re slaving the day away at work? Yes? Excellent, now everyone is aware we’re are truly fabulous.”

Sound familiar? Everyone has one of those friends. He’s the guy who uses his phone to check-in at every restaurant and cool hot spot he visits, always including a picture of the delicious meal he is about to eat. However, the average American probably relies on geolocation technology for more practical purposes. In fact, 23% of all adults (28% of cell phone and 55% of smart phones users) use our phones primarily to get directions or recommendations based upon our current location, according to new data from Pew’s Internet and American Life Project .

Two great examples of how TripCase uses location technology to help make your trip run more smoothly are our traffic alert and map tools.

Let’s say you have a 9 a.m. flight to Des Moines, leaving out of DFW. Drive time to the airport is smack dab in the middle of rush hour. Obviously you want to bypass as much traffic as possible. So, you open your TripCase app on your smartphone and click on tools and traffic alerts. Then, based upon the airport listed in your trip’s itinerary and your current GPS location, TripCase recommends the best route to the airport and monitors traffic throughout your drive, alerting you to potential accidents and hazards that may get in your way. All in a couple of clicks without having to look up or enter an address.

You can also map locations within your trip with a single click. Again, no need to look up and enter location addresses on the road, they’re already loaded in your TripCase. TripCase provides turn-by-turn directions (with visual maps) between every event in your itinerary as well as for non-itinerary addresses you enter into your trip details. And, you can email directions to friends and family, too.

So, on your next trip, make sure to check out TripCase’s unique location tools to get you where you need to be, using the best route possible.

Do you check-in? Have you used TripCase’s traffic alert tool for your trip to the airport? What about directions?

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