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Where are my bags?

Locating Your Bags

Imagine getting off of a plane and then knowing exactly where to go to get your bags. At the airport, it is sometimes stressful to find out what baggage claim your luggage will be coming out of. For this reason, TripCase created a feature that allows you to see the baggage claim location […]

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Connect your WiFi

Connecting Your WiFi In A Public Place

When you are away from home, using WiFi is awesome because you get to save data on your cellphone plan. When you are at a restaurant, coffee shop, airport, or hotel you often have to “accept” their terms of use before you can connect to the WiFi. For example, […]

By |July 29th, 2015|Features|4 Comments

Importing Your Trip

How Do I Import My Trip Information?

TripCase can only help you with your trip if they have your trip details in the system. Getting your itinerary information (flights, hotels, rental cars, ground transportation, events, etc) into TripCase is your first step, and is actually pretty easy. When you make a reservation, either by travel agent, […]

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One Touch Calling

What Makes One Touch Calling So Great?

One feature that TripCase offers is one touch calling. This feature allows for the phone number of your hotel, flight, attraction, or reservation to be registered within your trip.

For example, if you need to get a hold of the hotel, you can click the phone icon above that segment […]

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How To Use Notes To Set Reminders

You may have noticed that in each trip segment on TripCase there is a box called “Note”. This box is for you, the TripCase user, to add notes for yourself about the trip or the segment.

If you’ve ever used this, you know that this feature can be really helpful!

For […]

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Driving Directions

How to Use The Driving Directions

With your itinerary already loaded into TripCase, you can get complete turn-by-turn directions with a couple of clicks. You do not need to input the address of the airport or hotel because TripCase already knows that information. All you have to do is click on the Directions button on your […]

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Syncing your calendar

How Can I Sync My Calendar?

There are two ways to import your calendar: via live subscription and file import. To get to both options, go to www.tripcase.com in a web browser (login is the same id and password as on your phone) and click on the drop down option at the top of the page […]

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Is There A Way to Check the Weather in TripCase?

Yes, there is! There are many places that you can find the weather forecast online. Unfortunately, when you are traveling, going to a website or opening another app to view the weather is not an efficient use of your time. Because of this, TripCase created a […]

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Where’s the meeting?

How To Add Meetings To Your Itinerary

When you are traveling for business, it is great to have all your information in one place. TripCase makes this possible by organizing all of your flight, hotel, and even business meeting information in your itinerary.

You can add your meetings to your trips either on the web (www.tripcase.com) or […]

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