Chris Sexton, Principal of Business Development

About Chris Sexton, Principal of Business Development

Chris has been on the TripCase team for 2+ years, most of which has been spent working on relationships with third-party partnerships. Chris spends most of his free time with his wife and four kids, and enjoys running.

TripCase Preferred Partners

A few months ago, we announced our redesigned Tripfeed. Traveler feedback was one of the driving forces behind this redesign. Users wanted Tripfeed messages that were useful and timely based on the part of the trip you’re actually viewing. Since implementing, we’ve been talking with top travel industry partners to make sure the messages in your Tripfeed […]

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Never be lost in translation again

If you’ve ever had the privilege of traveling to a new country, you may have experienced one of those “lost in translation” moments. I know I have.

I can remember back in September 2000, and I first achieved international traveler status that brought forth all the excitement around a new culture, new language, foreign land, new […]

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Brilliant service “in the moment”

The TripCase crew continues to deliver relevant content at the most targeted times during your trip — even when you’re standing on the curb, without a ride. That’s why we’ve started a partnership with Uber. And what a deal it is! (hint: skip to the bottom for discount details)

You may be saying “What’s an Uber?” […]

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Got chocolate milk? Find new offers in your Tripfeed

Remember the days of the grocery shopping experience when you would be at the milk aisle and suddenly want some chocolate syrup; only the chocolate syrup is on other side of the grocery store, so you have to back track? “Dang it!” Now, many brands are anticipating our wants and needs, saving us time and […]

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