Natasha Sanchez, Marketing Communications Manager

About Natasha Sanchez, Marketing Communications Manager

Trained as a graphic designer but flexing her creative muscles in marketing, Natasha enjoys sharing her love for TripCase with others. She’s been a at Sabre for 8 years and has held various positions across the company. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University and her MBA from University of Texas at Dallas.

Travelers Set The Trends For Mobile Technology

Did you know that you and your fellow travelers are leading trends across the world? That’s right. Travelers set the standard for how and to what extent people use their mobile devices. Then, as the technology becomes more common, other consumers follow suit. So, as a multi-language travel app, we want to say thanks.
Thank you for […]

Translating TripCase – Serving Travelers Around The World

Almost a quarter of TripCase users are from countries where English is not the primary language. That’s all about to change as we expand our helpful travel management experience to travelers across the world.

Our award-winning website and mobile app, TripCase, is now available in 9 languages: […]

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Travel Smarter With A Smartwatch

We’ve been putting a lot of thought behind the “why wearables?” question here at TripCase, and are exploring how to travel smarter with a smartwatch with support for Pebble and Android Wear, along with our newly launched Apple Watch app. However, it’s also important for us to talk to travelers, to see what you think […]

Travel Arrangers: TripCase Is Your Wingman

Everyone needs a wingman: to support you, to remove obstacles, and to always have your back. Travel Arrangers, you are no exception. So let TripCase be your trusty wingman to help you out along the way.

We know that when you’re piloting your traveler’s trips you can hit some turbulence along the way: from schedule changes […]