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The TripCase Crew is responsible for building the TripCase app and service. TripCase is "the place where trips live" and is the best solution for managing all of the details of your travel plans.

Tips from the Tripps

I'm Tina Tripp, and along with my husband Ted, daughter Ashley, and son Austin, we are the Tripps, and we use TripCase whenever we travel. With TripCase, my husband stays organized on his business trips, I can keep up to date on where he is while he's traveling, and we can all keep our family trips organized and running smoothly (which makes for happy travels)!

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Alternate Flights: Fighting Zombies and Canceled Flights


It’s a nightmare that most well-seasoned business travelers have faced far too often (cue scary music and lightning): THE CANCELED FLIGHT.

Picture the scene: It’s a dark and scary Halloween night. You arrive at the airport ahead of schedule and are enjoying a nice transatlantic game of Words with Friends with your old pal Freddie Kruger […]

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As of late Wednesday, most of the TripCase team had returned from Boston and another successful 2012 Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention. And if the hoarse and raspy voices sitting around the table at this morning’s staff meeting are any indication, there was a whole lot of talking going on about the new TripCase […]

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TripCase Spotlight: Syncing your calendar with TripCase

At TripCase, our main goal is to make your travel life easier. And we know that if you’re like most people, you live life by your calendar. That’s why we’ve made it easy to import your trip details from TripCase into your online email/calendar clients like iCal, Google and Outlook.

There are two ways to import […]

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Understanding Road Warriors and Airlines

Occasionally there is an article written for our Sabre partners that is just too good to not share with our travelers as well. We will call this, “the other perspective”.

We spend a lot of time studying business travelers so we can understand and anticipate your needs. Within TripCase, the messages in the Tripfeed are a […]

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Lights, camera, 90 seconds of action!

What can you say about TripCase in 90 seconds? At first it feels like no time at all, and you start to write out all types of ideas. As the creative director behind the commercial, I filled two pages (that’s hand-written, because I’m old school and I like pencils). Then I thought there is no […]

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Traveling with TripCase: 2013 by the numbers

In wrapping up 2013, we took a look at TripCase by the numbers. We’ve had a little fun digging into what our trip data says about TripCase travelers. But first, we look at just the month of December.

While many of our travelers think in dates, others about their location; this month we have seen something […]

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Airports go big for the holidays

Ever stuck in an airport this time of year wandering around? Maybe you’ve even stumbled on some fun decorations. And then MAYBE you’ve wondered what other airports look like? We did. So we took to learning from the beautiful images travelers are sharing.
Travelers around the world are sharing photos of airports decked out for the […]

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Year of the Voice: Reflecting on 2013

2013 will always be a year to remember for TripCase. We’ve seen huge growth and surpassed many of our own expectations. But it’s important to us that we stop and thank YOU, because it’s definitely our travelers who make each trip count.

In looking back, one thing really stands out — people are raising their voice […]

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Holiday travel entertainment: Airport Bingo

It’s almost inevitable at some point during your travels this month you will experience an unusually long or otherwise painful delay at an airport. It could be the once-a-year family troupe is klutzily crossing the country or the weather just grounded 100 more planes. Either way, it’s possible you’ll have a little spare time on […]

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