Vance Weintraub, Senior Product Manager

About Vance Weintraub, Senior Product Manager

As a product manager, I assist in the planning and implementation of enhancements to our TripCase and TripCase Connect products. I find both travel and tech to be exciting fields, and occasionally, I try to sprinkle a few good ideas on top of our innovation ice cream sundae.

Introducing Destination Cards

We want TripCase to help you manage your ENTIRE trip, not just the beginning and end of it. For example, our Remember this Place feature is a brilliant way to keep track of the things you do during your trip. I actually used it yesterday to recommend a restaurant I ate at the last time I was in […]

Redesigning The TripCase Tripfeed For Travelers

Our latest release includes major changes to the area of our app where we store helpful details to help reduce your anxiety and make traveling easier, known as the Tripfeed. In fact, these changes were so substantial that we decided to update our app to version 4.0.
What is the TripCase Tripfeed, and why is it […]

Wanted: Local Event Information For All Cities In One Place

I am reluctantly writing this blog from Starbucks because all the homegrown coffee shops I generally prefer to work from: Mudsmith, Ascension, or Drip Coffee are all closed for Memorial Day. Whether I’m at home or traveling, I prefer homegrown establishments not only because I feel like I’m supporting the local economy, but because they generally offer me greater insight into the culture of a city. I’m not only referring to coffee shops, but also places like restaurants, bars, theaters, parks, and museums. I don’t just want their names and how many stars they are rated. I would also like to know what events are going on at these places from a week to week basis. This level of information is what would help me truly connect to a new city…and what typically takes me the most time researching as I plan for an upcoming trip. Is there a local artist opening that week at a gallery I’d be interested in? Are the Quaker City Nighthawks playing at such and such bar Saturday night? Is there a 5k I can join while I’m there? Is there a community market popping up that week near my hotel?

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Tripfeed means more for travelers

If you work at J Crew you get 30% off all your purchases at the store. That’s how they get post-undergrad fashionistas to sling cotton all day for near minimum wage. It’s called a job perk. At TripCase, one of the perks is we get to constantly talk about travel, and often live vicariously through […]

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