We get loads of traveler feedback and suggestions, which result in new features, such as TripTime, Remember This Place, and support for smartwatches. Over the years, we’ve noticed that many of you add different trip items at different times and from multiple sources. You might book your flight now, but snag a hotel closer to your trip, for instance. Before today, this would result in TripCase creating two separate trips, which you had to manually login and merge together. Starting today, we’ll auto-merge trips like this together for you!

This new Auto-Merge your trips feature is simple. We’ll watch the active trips in your account for items with the same location (within a 50km radius) and travel dates to determine whether or not to merge your trips for you. Whether you are the traveler or a follower, the auto-merged trips will appear in your account automatically. No more trying to remember which trip to Paris has your hotel and which one has your flights.

auto-merge trips

If we make a mistake, or you want to split your trip back to the old way, you can use the “Edit” feature on mobile and the “Split Trip” feature on the web to move items and create a new trip. You will continue to have the ability to move trip items into another trip regardless of whether they were automatically merged or just an item you want to have in a new trip. For those of you who do not want to use this super cool feature, you can always turn it off from within your profile settings, though we recommend you give it a try, first.

What are you waiting for – download TripCase and let the auto-merge trips begin!