When it comes to long overseas flights, even with the best airline, they can be a drag. Unfortunately you can’t do much to make the flights shorter, but you can do a few things to help beat that jet lag!

1. Relax
If you’re flying while it is daylight in your destination, you may want to skip on the nap and instead sit back and relax. Whether you watch a movie, read a book, or catch up on emails, staying awake throughout your flight will help you begin to adjust to your new time zone as quickly as possible.

2. Sleep
When your flight takes off, adjust the time on your watch and phone to match where you are headed. If it is nighttime at your destination, it’s a good idea to sleep during your flight. If you’re looking to really fight your jet lag, try and adjust to your new time zone before you even set foot on the plane. If you’re flying east, try and go to sleep an hour earlier for a couple of nights before you leave. If you’re flying west, stay up an hour later than normal. This will help you gradually adjust to your new time zone.

3. Eat
With the high altitude and cabin pressure, your body will feel more bloated than normal with heavy meals. So, try to eat lighter meals to avoid feeling groggy and tired. Some research has also shown that fasting on your flight may help you beat jet lag even quicker. By switching your food cycle to your destination you will effectively reset your internal clock to the new time zone faster.


4. Drink
Call us crazy, but we suggest skipping the in-flight alcohol. Alcohol will dehydrate your body even more at the higher altitudes and will destroy any chance of good sleep you may have had. Instead, take up the flight attendants on all the water they offer. Some studies have shown that your sleep may improve when adequately hydrated.

What’s your best trick to beat jet lag?

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