It seems that every city is claiming they are the “Food Capital of the US”. Taking advantage of local traditions and products, these new gastro destinations seem to be popping up left and right. Millennials have been dubbed as the “foodie generation” and cities and businesses are trying to attract them as fast as possible. From city food tours to pop up restaurants, cities are becoming food oriented. But, which food cities are actually the best? We’re here to take a look and share with you!

Chicago, IL: The deep-dish pizza of Chicago just can’t be replicated.


Austin, TX: The Tex-Mex capitol of the US offers great music and great food for everyone and their food trucks are awfully good.

austin food

Houston, TX: Texas is just knocking it out of the park with food with Houston ranking high with burgers, brunch and specialty food shops.

houston food

Providence, RI: Street food has greatly improved over the years and in Providence the street food is legendary. Lobster rolls anyone?


Kansas City, MO: You’ll find more than just mouth watering BBQ in Kansas City, their fine dining options are top notch.

kansas city bbq

Portland, OR: You’ll find quirky and adventurous cuisines in Portland, but the brewed coffee and craft beers are what makes it so great.

portland beer

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What’s your favorite food city?