Are you looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life? Look no further! We have helped you locate the top ten gifts for travelers just in time for the holiday season.

#1: Noise Cancelling Headphones


ATH-ES7 by “Audio-Technica is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

These sanity saving headphones are probably the number one thing the traveler in your life will wish for when stuck on a plane with a crying baby. There are many different brands and features that you can choose from, but the sound of silence is truly golden.

#2. Smartwatch

Smartwatches make a great travel companion and an even better gift. When powered by the TripCase app, the recipient can receive flight updates and gate changes while at the airport by just glancing at their wrist. Smartwatches allow the user to easily check texts, get directions, and receive reminders while on the go–all while leaving their phone in their pocket.

#3: Virtual Keyboard

projection keyboard

Laser projection keyboard” by Bo Gao is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

This Bluetooth-enabled gadget projects a keyboard on any flat surface and is smaller than a deck of cards. Prices for the revolutionary technology are now under $100 so it makes an affordable, but unique gift.

#4: Pocket Projector

No more worries about if the television in your hotel is going to be up to par. With a pocket projector just hook it up to your laptop, phone, or tablet and you have your very own movie theater in the quiet of your hotel room. For the business professional, these mini projectors allow them to show off those impressive powerpoints virtually anywhere they go. 

#5: Bluetooth Speaker

These little speakers pack a nice punch. When paired with your Bluetooth capable device, you can set the speaker anywhere in the room and jam away. Combine this with a pocket projector and you will have given your loved one the gift of their own home movie theater system on the go. The speakers come in different colors and sizes so check around for the style that best fits the traveler in your life.

#6: Compression Socks

"My happy socks" by JM3 on Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

My happy socks” by JM3 on Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

No longer just for grandma, these socks add compression to one’s legs to boost blood flow, increase energy and reduce swelling in the feet and ankles. Long flights can be brutal for those who travel frequently, but swollen calves and feet make it even worse. Modern designers have taken on the task of making these therapeutic garments sleek and fashionable and indistinguishable from designer socks.   

#7: Streaming Stick


Chromecast” by iannnnn is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Bringing shows on the go can keep one up to date with the latest water cooler conversations. A smart stick allows a traveler to do just that! With top competitors right now like Chromecast, Apple Tv, Roku and Fire Stick, each has their own pros and cons, but all offer quick streaming of your traveler’s latest TV show addiction.

#8. RFID Wallet

For travelers concerned about protecting their credit card information, an RFID wallet is a great gift to ward off electronic pickpockets. These wallets are designed with security in mind and work by blocking RFID readers from intercepting sensitive data such as credit card numbers and other personal information.

#9. Resistance Bands

resistance Bands

Photocredit: Wikipedia

It can be difficult for travelers to stay on their A-Game when it comes to exercising. For the traveler looking to fit a workout in whenever they can, resistance bands are a great, portable option for those who are always on the go.

#10. Portable Power Bank

Whether on the road or in the air, outlets become scarce making it difficult for travelers to charge their phones. Portable power banks eliminate the stress associated with a low battery and can charge almost any portable device that uses a USB cord. A 10,000mAh external battery pack has enough juice to recharge an iPhone 6 almost six times!


#11: Portable printer

For the traveler on the go, there is no better way of memorializing their journey than in picture form. However, finding a place to print pictures on the go isn’t always easy. But it can be now. These pocket-sized printers often use Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, but there is a printer in development now that scans your photos directly from the screen on your phone. Cords be gone!

#12: Carry-On Cocktail Kit

These TSA-friendly kits have all the ingredients to make one of several different classic cocktails. The kit includes everything but alcohol and serves two. For the traveler that has it all, there is always room for a drink.

#13: Wifi and USB Cufflinks

These cufflinks give one the appearance of hitting the ball when hitting the web. One side of the cufflink unsnaps and reveals a WifiAn-Mini which can be used as a router and the other side produces a small USB hard drive. The cufflinks come in different metals and fashion and can be customized to your liking. James Bond would be envious.

#14: Travel Stub Diary

This diary is great for helping the traveler in your life remember their time abroad. Even if they travel for business, this handy diary will protect their keepsakes from weather and wear and tear with protective plastic sleeves and weather resistant covers. Just like the age-old practice of saving stickers from travels on trunks, this diary helps a traveler keep a history of all the amazing places they have been.

Happy shopping for that special traveler in your life.