At TripCase we aim to provide our travelers with an exclusive experience – we give you knowledge about your flights fast, so you’re a step ahead other travelers. And it looks like American Airlines is hoping to bring that feeling of exclusivity to their top travelers, too. In a world of private planes and personal drivers, American Airlines is stepping up its game for time-crunched travelers by partnering with Cadillac. Travelers who belong to the invitation-only Concierge Key program will now be picked up in style on the tarmac as they leave the plane. Travelers will hop into a luxury Cadillac and head off on their way to their next departure gate.

American Airlines is now competing with Delta and United, who offer pickups for premium passengers in Porsche and Mercedes private transfers, respectively. In the travel industry, it’s all about offering your travelers a high class and magical experience.

American and Cadillac

What’s the coolest perk you’ve ever gotten while traveling?