The TripCase crew continues to deliver relevant content at the most targeted times during your trip — even when you’re standing on the curb, without a ride. That’s why we’ve started a partnership with Uber. And what a deal it is! (hint: skip to the bottom for discount details)

You may be saying “What’s an Uber?” You are not alone. I was recently talking with some friends and I mentioned the wave Uber is making in the travel technology community and beyond. I could see most in the group had at least heard of Uber, because they gave the agreement nod, like “yea I know what you are talking about.” But one guy spoke up and said, “What’s an Uber?”

Uber offers a range of car services from regular Uber car and driver (similar to taxi) to black car service and even an SUV. What’s different about Uber? It’s all done via a mobile app to simplify the process, and the experience is intended to be unmistakeably unique. Here’s how it works.

  • Shop your destination, see how many Uber cars are in the area and obtain fare quotes for your Uber ride.
  • Confirm the Uber ride, the Uber driver will send you a text when he/she is in front of your building.
  • The payment transaction includes the fare rate and tip, so there’s no negotiation with the driver or confusion about route and final fare.


Would you like to try Uber at a discount via TripCase? The TripCase crew really believes in quality trips. Currently, the TripCase program is limited to Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. The next time your trip takes you to one of these cities; look for the Uber message in the TripCase Tripfeed.