How to Effectively Manage Travel Expenses and Generate Timely Expense Reports

Face it. Expense reports are the proverbial thorn in every business traveler’s side. No matter how little or much you travel, they’re simply unavoidable, much like flight delays and cancellations. Adding to all the stress, most companies have strict policies for how long you can go after a trip before you must submit your expense report. And then there’s the hassle of keeping up and organizing all your receipts: meals, tolls, car rentals, fuel, parking, and the list goes on. Before you know it, you’re carrying a small mountain of receipts. And if you should lose one, it’s literally like mission impossible to get a replacement for a lost receipt. Not to mention that the longer you delay, the more you risk reimbursement.

No matter where your business travel takes you, TripCase frees you from the paper receipt mountain. With the receipt feature, photos of your receipts are saved at trip level in TripCase. You can organize your receipts with titles and notes and safely store them in the cloud. Then, you can email your stored receipts as a PDF, making expensing your trip that much easier when you return to the office. In other words, snap it, save it, expense it. Now, there’s no more time spent agonizing over lost receipts and worrying about reimbursement for travel expenses. TripCase makes it all a snap.

Receipts is an in-app purchase feature of TripCase. We want to make sure our travelers love it first, so we are allowing users to try it free for one month before an annual fee of $5.99 is applied. This is our way of continuing to make TripCase a single place for all your trips!

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