It snowed this week in parts of the United States. Snow… In April… And I loved it! See, I need to share something about myself, something personal, something only those closest to me know. Where better a place to make a confession than the internet?

I am a weather addict! I love checking the weather. I even love checking other people’s weather. Phew, I feel better now…

The Weather Channel was designed for people like me. I don’t get impatient waiting for a report on the local weather when I’m watching “Good Morning America” because I find pleasure in hearing about the jet stream dipping down from Canada.  I love hearing about the Polar Vortex. And I really can’t wait for the first named Atlantic storm of 2014. (Just so you know, it’s going to be named Arthur.)

I have five separate weather apps on my phone. Yes, five! But do you know how often I use them when I’m getting ready for a trip? Zero.

Instead, I use TripCase.

All of my weather apps are tied to my current location, but that’s not what I need to know when I’m getting ready for a trip. I need to know what my weather will be like where I’m going, and that’s where TripCase comes in.

With TripCase, I don’t have to look up a city, search for a zip code, or do anything for that matter. (Have I mentioned I’m also lazy?) TripCase knows where I’m going and gives me the weather in the exact location I need.

The weather defaults to the first stop in my trip, just to make things easy. But if you’re like me and you want to see the weather every step along the way, don’t worry – TripCase loads every item in your trip to make sure you have the latest details. Just pick from the list.

You can find the “Weather” icon on the trip countdown and flight cards in Action View, or in the menu under “Tools”.

Now to figure out what to wear…