Move over mom. You’ve had your day. This Sunday, June 17 we’re all about dad here in the United States.

Similar to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is celebrated in most countries at varying times of the year. However, the month of June seems to be one of the more popular months for honoring dear old dad.

Depending upon where he lives, dad could experience a quiet, family celebration complete with greeting cards, gifts and golf. In the United States for example, many dads enjoy an afternoon watching golf on TV (or baseball or whatever sport or pastime he enjoys), uninterrupted, on the couch.

Maybe dad would like to spend his special day at a raucous, alcohol-filled men’s night out. Well, then he might want to head over to Germany where it’s tradition for dad and his buddies to do a hiking tour with one or more smaller wagons filled with beer, wine and spirits. By no means limited to fathers, Männertag or Herrentag, which means “men’s day,” is open to any male who wants to celebrate his inner caveman.

Meanwhile, back in Spain and other predominantly Catholic countries like Italy, Father’s Day is observed on the Feast day of Saint Joseph, March 19.

No matter where Father’s Day finds you this year – on a golf course, at a guy’s night out party or lounging by the pool, from all of us here at TripCase, enjoy your day, you deserve it!