TripCase 3.0.3 is now available for download! Be sure to get the latest update so the next time you plan a trip you’re prepared and connected every step of the way.
This month, our top priority was Action View – giving travelers more info when they need it most.
• It’s now the default view when you open a trip (Timeline View is still available via the slide out menu)
• It now shows more info including seat number, airline confirmation number, baggage claim details and more.

We also wanted to get you the most current data all the time. Your app now automatically refreshes all trip data whenever you open it.

Other maintenance updates include:

BlackBerry redirect
BlackBerry devices will now automatically redirect to the appropriate site just by typing into your phone’s browser. BlackBerry 5 and below will redirect to while BlackBerry 6+ will be taken to

Action View most relevant item
Fixed a bug and now Action View automatically opens to the most relevant item in your trip. Also, you no longer need a network connection to view your most relevant item – it can be viewed in offline mode.

Calendar Widget Bug
You can now enter an end date for any generic items added to a trip.

Other small changes:
• Re-ordered the app’s “Add Item” list to show the most commonly added items first
• Brought the “Save” button above the fold on the “Add Flight” confirmation screen
• Adjusted how text wrapped in notes in Timeline View for a cleaner look
• Changed “Food and Drink” to “Restaurant”
• Updated to the TripCase Terms and Conditions with a link to our Privacy Policy