Did you know TripCase helps take the stress out of travel even if there’s no flight involved? Sure you’ve heard all about the free flight alerts, alternate flight search options and airline seat maps, but what happens when you drive instead of fly? Check out some of the nifty ways TripCase can help even when you’re not flying, below.

All your details, all in one place

Thanks to TripCase you can say so-long to paper itineraries. TripCase organizes ALL of your trip information – flight, car, hotel, events, meetings, dinner reservations, lunch dates, ferry rides, cabs, trains, buses, whatever it might be – in one place, right on your mobile device or computer.

You can add just about anything you like into TripCase. As a matter of fact, the more you add the more informed you’ll be. And don’t forget, you can include both business and leisure activities in the same trip within TripCase. No need for separate apps for business and leisure travel. And it doesn’t matter if you’re flying or driving. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Adding trip details is easier than ever before

Remember, the more items you add, the more robust your itinerary and the more help TripCase can provide during your trip. Just send us your confirmation emails for flight, hotel, rental car, theater tickets, boat rides… You name it, we’ll add it directly into TripCase for you in a matter of minutes. Simply forward your complete confirmation emails to trips@tripcase.com at any time, day or night.

Make sure the email comes from one of the email accounts you included when you signed up for TripCase. Your email address is how we know the item belongs to you. You can add additional email addresses to your account from the Settings page at TripCase.com.

Once added, you can access all of your trip details via the TripCase app on your mobile device or at TripCase.com anytime and anyplace you need it.

TripCase to the rescue by land, by air and by sea

Based on your location and the trip items you’ve added to your itinerary, TripCase will provide the answers and solutions you’re looking for throughout your trip. Below are just a few examples of TripCase’s intuitive travel features in action during trips that don’t involve flying.

  • I’m driving from Boston to Philly for business on Monday. What’s the best route? You can map driving directions between any items within your trip including start and end points, meetings, meals, you name it. TripCase can map how to get from point A to Z in seconds flat based on your itinerary and location. No more searching for addresses or using multiple apps to map where you’re going.
  • I’m arriving late, how do I reach my hotel so they don’t give my room away? TripCase provides addresses and telephone numbers for your flight, hotel, car rental and other items in your itinerary. If you add confirmation numbers, we’ll send you reminders as your hotel check-in and car pick-up approach. TripCase also provides pictures and amenities listings of your hotel.
  • Do I need to bring a coat for my business trip tomorrow to NYC? Click on the TripCase Weather tool to see what the temps will be like in the Big Apple during your stay. No need to use other apps or type anything in. The info is right there in the click of a button with TripCase.
  • I road tripped to Canada. What’s the conversion between U.S. and Canadian dollars? Based on your trip details, TripCase can easily help you convert currency, distance, speed, temperature, weight and time in a flash.
  • I want to give my friends a heads up that I’ll be in Austin tonight for a last minute business trip, but I don’t have time to let them know. You can enable TripCase to publish your trip updates automatically to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn when you do things like create a new trip or depart/return home from a trip. After logging into TripCase.com, go to Settings/Publish to Social Networks to get it set up.

Keep colleagues, friends and family informed of your travel plans

Friends, family and colleagues may need some or all of your travel plans. In addition to flight arrival and departure updates, you can also share your entire itinerary through TripCase so everyone (who needs to be) is informed about your trip. To begin sharing your travel plans, add the email address of a loved one or co-worker to your Connections list at TripCase.com.

TripCase is everywhere you are

Access your trip information anytime, anyplace. On your computer. On your phone. On a tablet. At home. On the road. However it’s most convenient for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

No one likes to be stressed out when you’re traveling. So, let TripCase help make your life a little easier on the road. Give TripCase a try, today.