Drones are such a hot topic. Can they be used to spy, are they dangerous, what exactly are they used for? These questions are real concerns but in the travel industry we are beyond excited about the doors that have opened because of drones.

Think about it, we now have the ability to change the travel landscape by providing travelers with real and up to date images and footage of locations around the world. Right now photos and videos such as the ones below have allowed us to see destinations from new perspectives from our own homes. Drones have allowed us to capture destinations in a new and exciting way.

Drones Can Capture Expansive Vistas

Drones allow us to capture massive views and vistas from a few hundred feet in the air. Oceans, mountains, deserts or plains – drones can provide us with images up above no matter where they go.


Drones Can Capture Impossible Scenarios

Strap a GoPro onto your drone and you can film scenarios that would have otherwise been impossible to shoot. Someone climbing up a mountain, through a waterfall, or even into a firework show as seen in this remarkable video.


Drones Can Capture Iconic Landmarks

Drones have provided us with the opportunity to capture breathtaking images of the world’s greatest landmarks. Allowing us to take images and footage from new angles and heights these images can be used for purposes ranging from documentation to promotional.

travel landmarks

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