In looking at user data last week, we were honored to learn that employees from 92 percent of Fortune 200 companies currently use TripCase to keep them organized and informed while traveling for business.

Those of us who travel for business realize it isn’t all that glamorous. Fight delays and cancellations, meetings that run past the return flight times, and getting lost in strange cities are just some of the pitfalls that business travelers regularly encounter. How does TripCase help business travelers?

TripCase does three things to help improve life on the road for business travelers:

  • TripCase helps organize travelers, keeping the most important travel information in one easy-to-access digital location. Need your connecting gate number, to tell your driver the address of you hotel, your confirmation number to check-in? It’s all instantly available in the palm of your hand.
  • TripCase monitors traveler itineraries and notifies travelers to potential travel problems to keep them ahead of pitfalls. With TripCase this messaging, including critical flight alerts (flight delays and cancellations and gate changes), are a part of the FREE application, so TripCase saves the company money and saves the employee the hassle of having to file and justify an expense report.
  • TripCase provides access to rich travel tools, like alternate flight schedules, a currency converter, and driving directions, to help avoid or recover from travel difficulties.

TripCase is accessible on the web, mobile web and via smartphone app, so it is available no matter when or where a harried business traveler might need it the most.