The temperatures are continuing to drop and we’re already sick of the cold. If you’re already looking forward to spring and summer and dreading the next couple of months, why not book a tropical getaway? Head somewhere warm, soak up the sun, relax and come home with a nice tan. We’ve got a list of winter getaway destinations to help you escape the winter weather.

Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic is a great choice if you’re looking for a tropical getaway, where you can lay on the beach and relax. Temperatures are about 75 F in the winter. All winter long.

Escape the Winter Weather to Dominican Republic

Naples, FL: If you’re looking to stay in the US, Naples may be a great choice for you. With a quaint town, beach, shops galore, and amazing restaurants you’ll be able to stay busy. Temperatures are normally about 65 F in the winter.

Escape the Winter Weather to Naples, FL

Palm Springs, CA: If you’re a golf enthusiast, Palm Springs will be perfect for you. With temperatures around 70 F you can get out and explore canyons, visit outlet malls, or relax by the pool.

Escape the Winter Weather to Palm Springs

Big Island, Hawaii: One of the more underrated islands of Hawaii, the big island is a great choice for a winter getaway. With average temperatures around 75-80 F and little rain you’ll have plenty of time to explore. The big island hosts 8 of 13 different climate zones.

Escape the Winter Weather to Big Island, Hawaii