Free-Thinking Friday

Like you, we’re always thinking about the travel experience. Sometimes, we’re working on a way to make it better, while other times, we’re questioning a specific travel experience, pondering exactly why it works the way it does. We have these discussions often in the TripCase office, but we’d like to invite you to join in, as well. That’s why we’re launching Free-Thinking Fridays – every Friday, we’ll publish a question, and the corresponding internal conversation around it. We hope you’ll join in the comments with your own thoughts.

Free-Thinking Friday #1

You’ve won the Powerball for the second time. You’ve decided to travel from Dallas to Paris to celebrate. You get to the airport and money is no object. What is your new airport experience?

Ben: Well if this is the second time, I’ve already got a jet.

Lauren: If you have to go commercial…Upgrading…I’ll buy the day-pass to the lounge without question.

Vance: So the very first thing you’d do at the airport would be to buy lounge access?

Lauren: I’m going to the lounge and I’m drinking champagne until my flight starts.

Ricky: …maybe a couple of days before your flight actually. If you’re going to buy a lounge pass you might as well get as much out of it as you can.

Lorenzo: You’d just camp out in the lounge?

Ricky: They have showers! …little nap pods and stuff, so ya.

Hannah: Why would you choose the lounge over your mansion though?

Vance: So if you were a multi-billionaire…the lounge would be nice enough for you? Or would you expect the airport to have something nicer?

Ben: I still check-in, right? I still have to stand in line with all the…people.

Constantine: You’d pay somebody to do the check-in for you.

Dustin: I’d be flying Etihad. I’d drive up in a limo that would take me straight up to the plane basically.

Vance: Did you choose that because of the limo service or because they’re the nicest airline?

Dustin: Now Etihad offers the $30,000 seat, that has a private room and a private chef….ya, it’s not a seat…it’s a couch.

Lauren: …and they have a bar on board in first class.

Vance: Would you really take a shower on a plane?

Chris: To say that I did it, absolutely.

Hannah: I’d be looking really fresh when I arrived in Paris, so yes.

Ben: Constantine suggested that you would pay to have someone check you in.

Constantine: Hey personal assistant, I’m flying and I want you to make this streamlined. I don’t want to worry about anything, just take care of it.

Lauren: If you fly commercial, you still have to do some of those things.

Ben: How do the celebrities do it? When Tom Brady shows up at the airport, he doesn’t stand there in line with everyone else does he?

Ricky: Maybe you could hire your own TSA agent.  The TSA agent could check you separately and tell the others, “He’s good.”

Hannah: You don’t even have to go through security.

Ben: I’d bring a ton of containers that were way bigger than 3 ounces.

Cast of Characters

This week, the discussion is moderated by Vance Weintraub, with input from Ben Newell, Lauren Wolters, Ricky Cadden, Lorenzo Harris, Hannah Gunzelman, Constantine Hallax, Chris Sexton, and Dustin Downing.

Vance Weintraub, Senior Product Manager Ben Newell, Director of Product Lauren Wolters, Director of Marketing
Ricky Cadden, Social & Digital Content Manager Lorenzo Harris, Senior Marketing Specialist Hannah Gunzelman, Director of Marketing
Constantine Hallax, Director of Marketing Chris Sexton, Director of Marketing Dustin Downing, Director of Marketing

What would your new airport experience be like?