TripCase is not participating in holiday gift-giving this December.

There, we said it. No more December-only gifts.

Sounds a bit strange considering we have so much to give. But that’s exactly why we’re no longer limiting ourselves to one month. We’re not scrooges – TripCase is going to be gift giving all year!

Due to space limitations in this blog, we’ve narrowed down the gift list to just a few of our favorite offerings here. But trust us – there’s so much more. Each gift is designed with our partners and travelers in mind, with a primary goal of making your travel lives easier.

And so, without further ado, the TripCase 2012 gift list:

The gift of time. Who doesn’t want more time? We know we would. That’s what our intuitive tools like driving directions, conversions, seat maps and traffic alerts provide – extra time to surf the web, visit with friends and family, work more, start your yodeling career, whatever floats your boat. Because TripCase has access to all of your trip information, we anticipate your travel needs and provide solutions when and where you need them. That means no more fumbling around between different apps on your Smartphone to find directions to your meeting or to convert rubles to dollars. It’s all right there inside your TripCase, saving you some much-needed time to practice your yodeling so you can be just like Jewel.

Updates that will have you flying sky high. Everyone has a New Year’s resolution, and ours is to make TripCase even better in 2012. Below are just a few of the new things we’ve got in the works for our agency partners and travelers in 2012:

  • Agency booking engine: TripCase will recognize Sabre connected agency imported trips, and the agency will be credited.
  • E-ticket and e-invoice storage and retrieval: New storage capabilities will allow agencies and travelers to save and retrieve e-invoice and e-ticket documents via TripCase.
  • Agency/customer emails: Itinerary confirmation emails will include the agency’s logo, as well as the traveler’s complete itinerary information and traveler documentation.
  • Click to call/email buttons: Easy-to-locate “Click to Call” and “Click to Email” agency buttons will be added to TripCase, making for easier communication.

Free TripCase PRO. In case you missed the news, we’re going to continue to provide TripCase PRO free of charge throughout 2012. What could be better than another year of expanded features like Traffic Alerts, Seat Maps, Conversion Tools and more – all free of charge?

WORLD (travel) PEACE (of mind). Travel easier and with confidence in 2012 knowing TripCase has your back. Consider us your best friend on the road, monitoring your itinerary, anticipating your needs and providing answers and solutions whenever and wherever needed. We’ll send you important flight alerts, including gate changes, cancellations and delays, as well as provide travel tools galore to ensure you will be traveling with ease in 2012.

Wherever your travels may take you in 2012, TripCase wishes you and yours a happy and safe 2012.

What will you do with the extra time TripCase is gifting to you next year? What is a favorite gift you have given, received or plan to give in 2011?