So you’ve signed up for Tripcase and downloaded the TripCase app for your mobile device. Now what? To start enjoying the benefits of stress-free travel with TripCase, now all you need to do is add a trip. Don’t worry, we’ve made it super-simple.

The absolute super-easiest way to add a trip

Forward your travel confirmation emails to

It’s really that easy. Just send us any and all of your travel confirmation emails and we’ll add the info to your account in minutes. Send travel confirmation emails for your flight, hotel, rental car, dinner reservations, ferry rides, etc. You name it, we can probably add it.

Just make sure to use the email address you signed up with so we know who you are. You can add email addresses if anything has changed.

Log-in to access all of your trip details in one place

Simply log-in to view, add or change your trip info or to access updates, alerts, tips and tools about your trip. Best of all, you can do it anytime, anyplace via the TripCase app or

Hit the road to stress-free travel

Within 48 hours of your trip we’ll start monitoring the details and alert you to any changes, delays or cancellations. If issues or questions pop up, we’ll be there with solutions like Alternate Flight Options and lots of cool travel features to help you get from point A to point Z with less stress and a smile.

Add a trip, log-in and go!