Using TripCase means you’re already a pretty savvy traveler – you know you can store everything related to a trip in one place. But sometimes when planning a trip you book through multiple sources, like a hotel website or travel agency. When this happens, your reservations occasionally show up in TripCase as two separate trips. Our new auto-merge functionality will catch these if the location is close and the dates match up, but what if auto-merge doesn’t?

Let’s say you book your flight through a Sabre-connected travel agency so it’s automatically loaded into TripCase. Next, you book a dinner reservation through Open Table and send the confirmation email to Dinner gets loaded into TripCase within a matter of minutes (hooray!). However, your flight and dinner are shown as two separate trips in TripCase (bummer).

No worries. You can easily combine your flight and dinner reservation into one trip. You have two options: Go to on your computer or open the app on your mobile device. Both methods are easy and intuitive to follow, but we thought we’d walk you through the steps for each below.

On your computer:

Go to My Trips, select Combine Trips from the Actions pull down menu and check the boxes of the trips you wish to combine. Next, go to the bottom of the window and click Continue. Then in the Confirm andContinue window, just rename your “new” trip, click Combine and you’re

On your mobile device:

Go to the My Trips screen and then touch Manage Trips. Check the boxes for the trips you want to combine, tap Combine. Confirm you have combined the correct items and tap Continue. Next, name your “new” trip and

Let us know how you did! Did you find it easy to combine trip elements into one trip?