Emily Tate

Director of TripCase Traveler Products

The situation

I like to know how long my layover is so I can determine if I have time to go to a lounge and relax or if I need to sprint through the airport to my next gate.

How did TripCase help?

My favorite feature of the new design is how connection information now appears within my flight details so I can see exactly how long I have between flights.

How do you find this info?

When you have flights that appear to be connecting flights, TripCase will group them into a single journey. Simply click on your flight to go to the details page and scroll through the information – you’ll see a section that tells you how long your scheduled layover is between flights.

Fave place to travel

Florence, Italy

A celebrity overseas?

Once I got the Holy Grail of all upgrades: International First Class. It was on Lufthansa coming back from Bangalore, India through Frankfurt. Lufthansa gave me the full 5-star treatment, including a private security checkpoint at my connection and being driven on the tarmac right up to the side of the plane in a Porsche. I got a lot of looks from people trying to figure out who I was and why I was so important. I had people thinking I was a celebrity. Little did they know I was nothing more than a Star Alliance Gold member who got extremely lucky!

Biggest travel stress

Finding good, safe transportation from the airport in a foreign country.


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