So, you’ll be one of the thousands of travel managers, supplier and vendors who will be traveling to Denver in a few days to attend the 2011 GBTA conference. The weather looks good, your business cards are at the ready and you’ve got your flight and hotel confirmed.

This would be a great opportunity to put TripCase to the test, to find out why TripCase is the smartest travel application on the market and how it reduces the stress of travel.

And best of all, TripCase is FREE to travelers, so testing it will cost you nothing!

How will you benefit from using TripCase in your travel to GBTA? Here’s how:

TripCase was the first and is still the only major itinerary management application to provide critical flight alerts for most major airlines right to users’ phones for free. With other applications, users have to upgrade to a paid version of the product to get these same flight alerts. Nobody likes surprises, so being alerted to flight delays and cancellations or gate changes for free has become a big hit with TripCase users.

But, TripCase provides so many more very unique benefits to travelers beyond the free flight alerts. TripCase was designed specifically to inform and empower travelers prior to and while on a trip…to be the digital “homebase” for travelers while on the road.

Below are a few of the reasons why TripCase is still the smartest travel platform and application, organizing, informing and empowering travelers worldwide.

Trip Messaging: We built TripCase on an intelligent messaging platform so that we can keep travelers informed while traveling. Once users import their itinerary information, TripCase begins connecting the dots between flights, hotels, ground transportation and other items and constantly monitors the itinerary and other events to alert users to potential travel opportunities or trouble that might lie ahead. For users staying in an official GBTA hotel during the conference, TripCase will utilize the message stream to deliver conference-specific information such as the conference itinerary.

Rich Travel Tools: Unlike other apps, TripCase provides users with rich tools that are there to help while on the trip. These tools include a currency/measures converter, access to alternate flight options in a single click, flight seat maps that show your current seat and available seats (plus undesirable seats for your aircraft), one-click weather forecasts for all locations in your itinerary, plus, much much more.

Neutral to booking source / Easy Imports: Just like the other itinerary apps, users can easily email their itinerary confirmations to us at TripCase and we will parse them into their TripCase accounts or they can manually enter or modify any trip information themselves either online or in the smartphone app. What makes TripCase unique is that we also maintain relationships that include booking partners worldwide. Trips booked through one of our partners can be instantly and easily imported directly into TripCase just by entering the six-letter reservation code or the travel provider can push the itinerary to the user via our TripCase API.

Share with friends and family: TripCase will automatically inform those you designate of your trip status. A colleague is picking you up at the airport? Select that person to automatically also receive your flight updates so he or she knows exactly when and where your flight is coming in. Want to make sure your spouse or administrative assistant has the most recent copy of your itinerary? Mark him or her to receive your itinerary and all updates.

How can you test TripCase during GBTA?

Testing TripCase is as easy as 1,2, 3…

1) Go to and SignUp for a free TripCase account. Signing up is quick and easy (just five simple fields). Once you sign up, TripCase will send to your email an account verification email. This is to ensure that you have typed your email correctly so we don’t send you important trip info to an incorrect email address. Just click the link in the verification email and you are registered as a TripCase user.

2) Download the app. If you are using an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone, go the respective app store and download the TripCase app. The download is free and the login on the app is the same as you set on your id and password when you registered online. If you have another type of phone, you can access your TripCase travel information and messages on our mobile web site at or replicate the fully interactive experience of the app on our advanced interactive mobile web site at:

3) Enter your trip information. You can get your GBTA travel information into TripCase in one of the three ways. If your travel was booked through a TripCase partner, the best way to import your trip information is create a new trip and then use the Import My Booking button (enter your PNR and Last name) to import the itinerary details into TripCase. If TripCase can’t import your booking this way (didn’t book with a partner), then forward your booking confirmation email to us at and we will parse the information for you (if you booked air, hotel or car through separate sources, the segments will show up as separate trips which can be easily merged into one trip on the web site). Of course, you can always manually enter or edit your travel information within a trip (along with add additional travel details like restaurant reservations, meetings, activities, etc. into your itinerary) within TripCase either on the web or in the app.

If you are on the show floor while at GBTA, stop by our TripCase booth (#452) to say hello and get some of our rocking TripCase schwag!