We thought we’d take a moment to introduce ourselves to old and new customers alike. Hello, TripCase here. We have changed a lot of late. Noticed? Maybe we have joked about a little nip and tuck, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Our change isn’t just on the surface. That’s why we’re putting more time into communicating – sharing what we are up to, and ideally hearing more from you. All to make sure you know exactly who you have chosen to support you along your journeys.

What can you expect from us?

Honesty, commitment, and the occasional playful banter top the list. We’re looking to make traveling fun whenever possible, including finding a voice we think you’ll love. You can also rest assured we’re dedicated to delivering a smartly designed experience. We put our all into EVERY set of updates we release (monthly, if you hadn’t noticed).

You can expect daily activity on our social channels. We share what’s new, travelers ask questions, and in general we provide a place for you to get help, connect with other travelers, and learn more to travel smarter with TripCase in your pocket.

Monthly, we’ll deliver to you a newsletter (find it here) recapping what we’ve posted throughout the Web. Of course, you’re welcome to check us out any time, even if you don’t read the newsletter. A great place to start will be our blog. Consider it the corner for travel talk among tripsters, like yourself. Yes, we think you deserve a cool name worthy of your savvy traveler status. More on that to come later.

We’re also very willing to listen.

Over the past several months we’ve created more channels for you to reach us and give feedback. Maybe you’ve noticed the review message in the app or the Ideas page where many of you are starting to talk amongst yourselves. And, if not, no worries. From time to time, we may ask for more traditional product feedback via surveys. We will try to make sure you only get one a year, promise.

It’s really not all about us. We want to get to know you. Any time you are feeling social, please come introduce yourself on the social community of your choice.

We want to make sure you have what you need to be prepared, connected and smarter. We believe you deserve to experience better trips whether for business or pleasure and TripCase is uniquely positioned to make that happen.

We close with a virtual handshake, tip of the hat, or kiss on the cheek (or two) — whichever custom you prefer to seal our greeting. And we look forward to enhancing your trip experience.

Here’s to taking better trips.

~ The TripCase Crew