If you travel often for business, chances are you’ve experienced the headache of trying to pack a suit in a way that will keep it clean and crisp upon arrival.

In the GIFs below, we’ll teach you a space-saving, wrinkle-free way to fold your suit jacket and pants so that it fits nicely in your carry-on bag. No extra hanging suit bag necessary with this technique.

Step 1

Turn one side of the suit jacket around, reach into the sleeve and pull it inside out.

fold jacket step 1

Step 2

Take the opposite sleeve (the right-side out one) and insert it into the sleeve that is inside out.

fold jacket step 2

Step 3

Take a rolled-up t-shirt (or a similar item) and insert it into the shoulder area of the jacket to hold the shape.


Step 4

Lay the jacket on a flat surface. Then, take sleeves and cross them over the body of the jacket in a diagonal fashion.


Step 5

Neatly roll up the jacket, starting from the top.


Step 6 (Optional)

If you have suit pants, take your pants and fold them in half length ways. Lay them flat and roll the jacket inside them.



Once you arrive at your hotel, unroll your suit and hang it up in the closet. Your wrinkled-suit-wearing colleagues will be envious of your clean-pressed appearance!

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