This is a guest post from our friends at Moore & Giles. Moore & Giles have been traveling the world and creating top-tier leather products for over 80 years. They know travel, and they handcraft quality luggage and bags to help you travel smarter.

Many people travel with bulky suitcases or heavy duffel bags, but the experienced traveler hits the road with a streamlined garment bag. Since we regularly travel internationally for business that requires a suit, we’ve become experts in packing overnight garment bags for any occasion.

There are many garment bags to choose from, but our go-to choice is our Gravely Garment Bag—Not only does it slide easily into overhead compartments (even on small connector flights), it also hangs neatly in hotel closets.

So what do you put in your garment bag? We’re glad you asked…How To Pack A Garment Bag

Must-Have Items for a Successful Business Trip

  1. Suit or Dress
    1. Navy or Gray work best for a variety of both daytime meetings and client dinners.
  2. Smart Casual Attire
    1. For happy hour, casual client meetings, or late night drinks. A sport coat will be perfect for men, and a nice blouse will dress up any pair of pants for women.
  3. Accessories
    1. A simple gold chain necklace or a neutral tie will pair nicely with most of your wardrobe items.
  4. Pair of nice jeans
    1. Dress up with a sport coat or a trendy shirt, if appropriate for the occasion.
  5. Dress Shirt
    1. You can never go wrong with a simple crisp, white shirt for men or women.
  6. Casual Shirt
    1. A basic crew neck shirt for women or button down for men. Pair with jeans and/or sport coat.
  7. Belt
    1. Your belt should match your shoes and fit comfortably around your waist without having too much excess when fastened.
  8. Two Pairs of Shoes
    1. Formal and Casual.

We’re confident that a garment bag packed with these items will get you through your business trips feeling prepared (and less wrinkled) for anything that comes your way.

What’s Your Favorite Garment Bag Essential?