Thanks to our last post, How TripCase Helps Get You to the Airport, you made it to the right gate in plenty of time, easily found a parking spot, and even had time for some Fro Yo. Don’t put TripCase away yet, the value keeps on going.

So, you are now relaxing on your flight. You pull out the in-flight magazine (how can you resist the article on Lorenzo Lamas’ favorite tapas joints in Kansas City) and see a map of the Atlanta airport and gates. You happen to be connecting in ATL and wonder how far your arrival gate and next departing gate are from each other; an important question given that you have 30 minutes to make the connection.

No worries, TripCase can help.

Being the experienced flyer that you are, you had put your phone on “Airplane Mode” before takeoff, so you don’t have a live connection to TripCase. That’s OK. In the app, TripCase stores the information from the last time you connected and allows you to access it even if you don’t have a live connection. So, you open TripCase and learn that you are scheduled to arrive at Concourse A and leave from Concourse C. That means there is a train ride and a walk involved.

Not a ton of time to make the connection, but at least thanks to TripCase you know your gates and have found the shortest distance to get from A to C.

You land at Atlanta and, like everyone else on the flight, immediately turn on your phone. There is a message from TripCase for you:

– Your flight has been delayed. It will now depart out of gate B19 at 1:30 pm.

Whew. Thinking that you only had 30 minutes to go trans-concourse, you were about to snatch your carry-on and Olympic sprint to Concourse C to make your connection. Before the plane is even at the gate, you found out your next departing gate has changed to Concourse B and that the departure has been delayed by an hour. You know there is now time to finish the Kansas City tapas article while the other passengers push and dash off the plane.

TripCase has saved you from rushing to the wrong gate and taken some of the stress out of your travel.

So you stop for a coffee on the way from Concourse A to Concourse B and make it to your next departure gate in plenty of time for your connecting flight. The second flight is smooth and you decided to take a little nap. You wake just as the flight attendant is announcing the baggage claim location. However, the couple next to you each have headphone in and are talking so loud to each other, you can’t hear the announcement. Again, you take out TripCase with your phone in Airplane Mode and check the scheduled baggage claim for your flight.

You are prepared, yet confident that if the baggage claim had changed since you switched to Airplane Mode, TripCase will alert you as soon as you land and reconnect.

You are at your destination. You grab your bag off the carousel and head for the taxi stand. You tell the taxi driver the name of your hotel but are greeted with a blank stare. It is only the third day on the road for your driver and he doesn’t know where the hotel is. Fortunately, you take out your phone and TripCase automatically opens to your hotel reservation (the current item in your itinerary). With one click, you have the address of the hotel and its location on a map to show the nodding cabbie. He knows where that address is.

Problem solved.