Time is valuable, especially when you’re a frequent flyer. Typically, frequent flyers know the exact time they need to leave the office to have enough time to park, get through security and walk onto the plane.

Until recently.

It seems with the ever-changing security screening process and growing number of delays, it’s harder to gauge the time needed to get to the airport. And, with airlines not serving free meals these days, you even have to plan in time to grab your coffee or frozen yogurt before you get on the plane.

TripCase can help. Here’s how:

Let’s say your flight is scheduled out of DFW International Airport, gate A11. You are packed, flight and seat are confirmed, and you are ready to head out the door. Before you leave, you check your TripCase mobile app to see if your flight is still on time and find out from which gate your flight will depart.

As you open TripCase, you notice these messages below your flight information:

– Possible traffic delays when entering DFW Airport North entrance due to construction. Click here to view.
– Due to airport renovations, DFW security checkpoint at Gate A12 is closed. Please use security checkpoint at Gate A23.
– DFW Parking at Terminal A16 – A25 is FULL. To check availability for other parking areas, Click Here.

This is all pretty important information if you are looking for the most expedient way to get to the airport and park—and only TripCase provides it to you.

After you arrive at the airport and park, you check TripCase again to confirm that your flight is still scheduled for gate A11. It is, but you also notice the following new messages:

– Get a second topping for 10¢ at Red Mango Frozen Yogurt. Inside DFW Airport, Gates A13, A25, A39. Click for special.

You may or may not be in the mood for frozen yogurt, but it’s good to know that you can get deals at vendors near your gate.

As you go through security at A23, your iPhone buzzes and displays a message. Just as you were about to make the 12-gate walk to your departure at A11, TripCase is letting you know:

– Your departure gate has changed. Your flight will now be departing out of gate A32 at 9:00 am.

TripCase just saved you from walking 12 gates to the original departure gate and then 21 more gates to your new departure gate. You now have time for that frozen yogurt and can stop by Red Mango at A25, on your way to your new gate.

You are standing in line for the frozen yogurt and realize that at the current pace the line is moving, you are not going to make your flight in time to get any overhead space for your carry-on. Just as you are about to abandon the line, your iPhone buzzes again and displays the following:

– Your departure time has changed. Your flight will now be departing out of gate A32 at 9:25 am.

Relax; you now have time to wait for your frozen yogurt with multiple toppings. Life is good, thanks to TripCase.

TripCase Flight Alert Message