Are you heading home or perhaps escaping to the beach for a relaxing vacation? Either way, TripCase can help you share with your friends where you’re off to with our fun trip countdown card. The card is automatically created for every trip that you add to TripCase, and starts with a monthly countdown. When you’re less than a month away from your trip, it’ll switch to a daily view! We’ve also made it REALLY easy to share with your friends.

iPhone Users

  1. Open TripCase and view your trip to see your trip countdown card.
  2. Click on the card and you’ll see your countdown card turn into this sleek design.


  1. Click on the image and choose “Open in Instagram”.
  2. Choose your filter and you’re ready to share!

Android Users

  1. Open TripCase and view your trip to see your trip countdown card.
  2. Take a screenshot with your phone. This is typically done by holding the power button and volume down at the same time on your phone for a few seconds.
  3. When viewing your screenshot, click the Share button, and choose Instagram
  4. Crop and choose your filter, and you’re ready to share!

Be sure to include #TripCase when you share your trip countdown so we can see all the fun trips!

BONUS: This cool feature was the result of an internal TripCase Hackathon! Read the story here.