Did you know that you and your fellow travelers are leading trends across the world? That’s right. Travelers set the standard for how and to what extent people use their mobile devices. Then, as the technology becomes more common, other consumers follow suit. So, as a multi-language travel app, we want to say thanks.

Thank you for showing others how it’s done.

While the rate of mobile Internet subscriptions is trending up across all regions, the highest smartphone usage can be found among travelers. See the details in the infographic below.

tripcase-mobile travel-info-FINAL-OCT15-01

Thank you for understanding the convenience of mobile technology.

Based on a 2015 study from TripAdvisor, 44% of travelers who used their mobile phone to plan or book a trip would consider their phone essential during their trip so they can organize their plans. Does that sound like you?

A whopping 81% use their phone to find their way around while traveling. See how it all breaks down in the infographic below.

tripcase-mobile travel-info-FINAL-OCT15-02

Thank you for trusting TripCase to stay on top of your flight changes.

Based on the one billion targeted messages TripCase will send in 2015, we know that your chance of receiving a flight notification can be calculated by your destination. Whether the notification is because your flight has been delayed or your gate has changed, you want to be informed. Check out the chances of receiving a flight notification on your next trip in the infographic below.

tripcase-mobile travel-info-FINAL-OCT15-03

The number of travelers is on the rise, and the same can be said for their use of smartphones. So when it comes to mobile technology, travelers should be put in the category of first adopters… just another perk of traveling with TripCase.