We want TripCase to help you manage your ENTIRE trip, not just the beginning and end of it. For example, our Remember this Place feature is a brilliant way to keep track of the things you do during your trip. I actually used it yesterday to recommend a restaurant I ate at the last time I was in San Francisco to my colleague, who’s heading there next week (The Cavalier, 360 Jessie Street; go for brunch and get the breakfast sandwich). It’s been a big success, so we looked to identify other bits of functionality that would be helpful to travelers in the middle of their trip, but that didn’t really have a home.

Thus, as part of our v4.01.0 release, we’re introducing the Destination Card. You’ll find this new card popping up after most flights and hotels where there is at least a 24 hour gap of time, and can expect to find things to do while on your trip and other useful information pertaining to the city (or cities) you’re visiting. You might find things like sights to see, shows to watch, places to eat, tour and activity information, transit options, etc. We call this type of information ‘destination content’, and now, we have a home for it.

With our v4.01.1 release, we’ve added local images to over 400 destinations, and made some adjustments to when the destination card will show up. We’ll continue to improve this feature in the next few releases, as well.

We’re pretty excited about this new card, and will be improving it over the next few releases, as well, to add even more helpful features. As a Product Manager, I see TripCase all day long, and I’d say I use the Remember This Place feature more often than I even use TripCase for flight information! These new destination cards will be great for discovering new places that I can then remember, thus completing the circle.

We hope you find our new addition to be useful, and we hope it leads to you having even better trips.