The ability to share a full TripCase itinerary, including updates and changes to the itinerary, with designated friends and family has never been a part of the free TripCase Application. In the previous version of TripCase, a byproduct of our TripLog feature was to send a part of the itinerary to friends and family with whom users shared a TripLog (in order for the friends and family to easily identify which TripLog was being shared). With TripCase 2.0, however, we have removed the TripLog feature from the platform and, with it, the partial itinerary share.

One of the features we designed for TripCase PRO, the optional set of tools that will be available for a fee to users who want more advances features, was a full itinerary share. With this tool, users can automatically deliver via email all of their TripCase itineraries, including any changes or updates that occur with any itineraries, to designated friends, family, or coworkers (like spouses, parents, administrative assistants, managers, etc).

After getting feedback from users, we have reconsidered and will soon move the full itinerary sharing feature from the TripCase PRO set of tools into the standard, free version of TripCase. We don’t have a specific date this feature will be available in the standard service yet, but for now, it is available in TripCase PRO, which we are offering for free to all users through the end of October.