It’s human nature to share what we know with others. It’s how we learn. My teammates teach me how to balance work and fun every day. (I’m kind of a “get down to business” gal). Handling my energetic five-year-old teaches me patience. And a stranger’s story in a news article taught me how easy it could be to help someone out.
The TripCase Crew wants to learn from you. And no doubt our 2M travelers can learn from each other. Cue the plug for a community. Our followers are still in the hundreds, but we know there are more of you out there. Savvy travelers or mobile geeks – all with something to share, and teach others.

We are just beginning to establish a place for you all to connect. (You know connecting is kind of our thing). When we say “Be connected” it’s not just to your company, agency or family, it’s also to each other. And we want to know what else that could mean to you…

Customers tell us they’d like to share itineraries, customize their content and personalize their TripCase experience. Great news is we’re working on all that. And when you have a good idea, wouldn’t it be nice to hear validation from others who, like you, know how hard it is to travel all the time? That place exists. It’s small, and waiting for you passionate travelers to take it over and make it yours. We’ll be there ready to listen.

What’s the catch?
Currently the only restriction for the group is to log in with your Facebook profile. It’s not perfect, but as a small but mighty crew, we wanted to get a place out there sooner than later, and working on top of the Facebook platform is a quick and secure start. We have plans for growth and as the community takes off, we will no doubt find new ways to expand the support.

Consider this your invitation to get talking. Tell us, tell others, but don’t keep it inside. And if your ideas are big – beyond TripCase perhaps – then is a great place to see if you can’t spread awareness and start a movement.