We made it through the summer (or your winter)! We welcomed it with open arms and the TripCase Crew did as promised… Cherished every day of it. As we sit around the office and reflect on the good times we had these past couple of months (cue Will Smith – “Summertime”) we have to say it was a blast.

We’re pretty sure we set an all-time record for the most TSA socks handed out in an airport for our #ShouldBEaThing campaign in San Diego. Is there a category for that in Guinness? If not, it should definitely be a thing!



Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson weren’t a part of our summer internship program, but if we must say, our intern was just as cool – if not more. His picture speaks for itself…

In the midst of all the working we found time for a photo shoot. We the TripCase Crew deem it necessary to have fun at all times. (It’s kind of an unwritten rule around here) Even when taking team pictures


We had a little party to celebrate you guys showing us so much love on our social networks. Life is about enjoying and appreciating the small things. Safe to say we have that down pat.


We even went on a creative tangent and thought about expanding  into the robotics business. Our prototype was a bust, so we got back to what we do best – making cool new app features.




Most impressive thing of all… We were on a boat! Our GBTA trip was a huge success.

All and all we’ve had a great summer, not only having fun but doing our best to improve  TripCase to make it a great product that people love. We appreciate and put in hard work for all of our users, so please feel free to share your ideas with us, rate us, or spread the word about us to your friends and family.

The TripCase Crew