Ever logged into a site or app with Facebook? Well, you can add TripCase to the list.

It’s amazing to think less than 10 years ago social media was only a topic referred to by marketers and journalist at cocktail parties, but today it’s nearly impossible to escape its ubiquitous influence. With all our social media sites, email addresses, and other top security clearance logins, the details to remember start to pile up. It’s pretty safe to say we’ve turned into the generation of usernames and passwords.

Well, we’re not proclaiming to be the savior to all username and password conundrums, but we are doing our part to make the TripCase sign in a bit easier. We’ve made it possible
for all travelers to sign into their accounts using their Facebook login. Yes, one less alphanumeric code to remember!

We know, you’re wondering, “How can I set
my TripCase account up with Facebook?!” Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered… It’s simple. All you need to get started is to sign in at www.tripcase.com from your desktop using your Facebook credentials and you’re done. After you’ve completed this once, you can access TripCase from any device with your Facebook login info. Simple, right? Exactly!

We’ve set this up to make your travel experience that much more brilliant, so we hope you enjoy. Cheers.