TripCase offers new related discounts in Tripfeed

Remember the days of the grocery shopping experience when you would be at the milk aisle and suddenly want some chocolate syrup; only the chocolate syrup is on other side of the grocery store, so you have to back track? “Dang it!” Now, many brands are anticipating our wants and needs, saving us time and creating a better shopping experience. Recently I was shopping for ear plugs at a big orange home improvement store. I did not need to ask an attendant for help or endlessly search the aisles for one small pack of ear plugs. I knew the smart bet was to make a B-line for the lawn tools. There were the ear plugs, in front of the aisle next to the chain saws, weed eaters, and lawnmowers.

My point? Just like home improvement or grocery shopping, the TripCase Crew is focused on creating a more dynamic travel experience. It’s just common sense that a traveler may want a discounted cup of coffee or discounted dinner at a local restaurant in their destination city. Our business development team is working with third parties to deliver products and services targeted for your individual trip and relevant to your unique travel experience.

Beginning this month, we take our first step in delivering, via your Tripfeed℠, local and national offers based on your destination city. You may be asking, what the heck is a “Tripfeed”. Your favorite travel app shares helpful info with you when you’re in the app’s Action View, and in a mobile or desktop browser. Still want to know more about Tripfeed? Check out a previous blog post by crewmember Vance.

We would love to hear your ideas for the types of content or offers you’d like to find in TripCase. Where else do you experience a good mash up of relevant, timely messaging? We’re always looking to learn by example.

Remember, chips and hot sauce or milk and chocolate syrup were married on the same aisle because somebody spoke up! Keep a look out for more relevant content in the Tripfeed as we strive to help travelers Be prepared, connected and brilliant.